Implementation Process

Benefits of Program-wide Pyramid Model Implementation

Program-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model is designed to:

  • Promote healthy social and emotional development in young children.
  • Prevent children’s use of challenging behaviors to get their needs met.
  • Provide teachers with the tools they need to appropriately intervene if challenging behavior persists.

Who Can Apply

This opportunity is available for SC districts; licensed, registered, and approved child care centers; licensed and registered family child care homes; Head Start; and Early Head Start.

Support Available for Program-wide Pyramid Model Implementation

Participants in Program-wide Pyramid Model Implementation will be supported by a Pyramid PIECES Implementation Coach to develop a program-wide plan to promote the social and emotional development for all the children in their early learning environment. Accepted programs will receive professional development matched to the needs of their staff and could include

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Consultation
  • Resources


This level of implementation takes time and effort. Programs should consider program wide implementation as

  • a multi-year ongoing process (2-3 years)
  • The Pyramid PIECES Coach will work with the program throughout the process.